Hiding Time

Self-reflective, Jack discusses his fears and motivations for being creative. Leaving a mark.


I wear a mask to go hard
And I take the lie pretty far
Fake like I’m born with these scars
I don’t bruise, I’m from mars
Way high up in the stars
With red eyes locked like darts
Just ’cause I’m smarter when I gab
That’s why I overstand to rap and spit
Can barely stand hands frosty grip
Around my throat
The grip won’t slip
Hope I don’t choke
I’m rolling throwing blame at frozen shame
Stone cells, prison brain
Shattered the glass house
The crash was mad loud
I’m assed out
No second chance will pass down
Claim sober to be left alone
It’s over
Getting closer for the dark’s control
For a lights out goodbye for the last time
Scream and shout trapped inside
A prison of my own design
Planned my own demise
I’m fucking blind
To the spots inside my mind
To the questions I’m not trying
Whether acknowledged or not
Over my shoulder I only see the things lacked
Stare forward and get stabbed in the fucking back
The shits annoying
Got me flipping coins to make my choices
Make no noise, let fate make its way, gamble life away
I don’t have a say, I play to see how the game is played
Fear’s tight squeeze on my heart
I wanna beg “please” for it to stop
But I wont, I’m not breaking
Hands shake, quaking in my boots
Faking bravery while all the shit is phasing me
But I face it and don’t even know what I’m facing
Shadows walking in place
Feels like I’m going fucking crazy
Body moving but seems aimless
Insane the frames of a moment
Moves in slow motion
I’m hoping where I land I can cope
That time takes a standstill
Drops a chill pill forgetting it’s an addict
Gets caught back up in its habits
Then, maybe, I’ll be able to breathe
Before I’m thrown back at it, back in
Seconds of peace before I leave
Again to the same things
Myself I’ll deceive
Flung around the ring
But I’m not dodging a thing
With every hit taken I learn
Said I’m not breaking
I assimilate what I take
Mastery and greatness
Don’t mistaken the state
Hypnotized and fixated on a single line
Wherever it takes me
I’m facing mine
Demons, visions and earthquakes
Won’t try to hide
No situation will I standby
With no hesitation I’ll fire
Scared shitless I’ll make it
I’ll struggle and fight
Sword, hand, shield in place
I’ll do the dance just fine
Rubbing it in your face
Having a great time
If bad tastes leave you bitter
Take it as a sign
Do the same before you die