Blind Allegiance

Jack updates us on his current political standing.


The long line grows. Followers chosen by God herself. To enslave the children. To fight the dark forces. Hostages for a better world. When white robed phantoms spread their word from beyond the grave.
And they begin. “Where is my…” with air quotes, “Money?”

Revive the fallen. Destroying and eradicating the dark forces. Blue suited shiny badges of honor with guns pressed against the backs of the perceived enemy. A strike by the rebellion unable to regain the dwindled numbers of the “home team” reaching to even the odds by reducing the “away.”

Shackles and iron bars for the shades not aligned with the morally gray stars on the flag. Red bloods of white skin on the blue ball owned by green presidents.

Trumpets play as the blue birds chirp overhead. The distraction for those chewing gum silent masturbating to gun violence.

Oh dear, how the toppling towers teeter. No use crying over spilled oil. The dividers keep the mess from spreading. Across, chain-linked, arm to arm, the aged flag holders erect paper statues of their savior.The latest words on the wire drag eyes to the outrage.

Doe rags hang next to 22s claiming brutality while the black and white sirens rough up the gameboy claiming crime.

Seen through a warped look from the age of opinion news.

Smoke and mirrors hide the profit and gain at the tops of government seats and the corporate chains. So common it’s begun to reek of rot right under our noses, stationed before our feet. Fingers point over here and over there but ignore tax paid retreats for the killer of heroes.

Just skim a little. Blind isn’t the word. Inactive and unwilling are more accurately expressed feelings. The safety of the net and the fear of losing the nothing worked for for by no one.

Robbed by the lazy shortcut loving top is the lazy shortcut loving bottom.