Chirping Confused

Electronics broadcasting from our pockets, handing us opinions and beliefs. Critical thinking and self reflection is a thing of the past. Media slavery is the new wave. The new order.


Pocket mirrors. Clever image. Surfing while catching waves. Searching for shelter. For cover. Dodging rays. Pixel boxes with dark displays. Projected normality. Morality is stray.

Minds stranded far away. Used to pay for electric food. To feed on the endless stream. Turned flood, we’re dragged and taken. Awaken washed up together on a beach with cardboard oceans and salt for sand.

Confused and fragmented we obey chirping Bluejay. Let them lead us. Seed us to repeat like parrots misunderstanding freedom. Thinking the caged bird sings ‘cause joy. Meanwhile reflections get destroyed. Wings are forgotten. The sky covered by rotten roofs we chose to scramble under. Been gotten. Walked into the bird’s ploy.

Sly cats watch hungry. Patient. Double agent Jay staged this.
Face with sharp teeth and no escape the reflections reinstate. We’re reminded we could have gotten away. Now it’s too late. We forgot how to fly. Moments raced by. Thus the time to stare death in the eye has arrived. All could have been avoided but the only way, now, to survive, is to fight. At least give it a try.