Chasing Fantasies

Stop making up excuses and deceiving yourself with lame reasons why you don’t find time to do the things you want to do (But somehow still find time for Netflix binging, video games or parties) and get to fulfilling your dreams before your on the other end of your life and its too late.


Life as a snake. Chip away skin not yet shed. Early bird gets the worm. Earlier slither gets the feather. Make it squirm. Life gets better. Fighting is how to learn.
Bad weather static under rain clouds. Can’t fly when the wind shouts. Wait for lightning to ground them down. Whining. Plotting. Sounds in the dark. Alarm. Harming. The trick is the charm.
Like Ted for lunch. Then dead. The necromancer draining corpses like old cancer.
Farming skill points. No cheat codes. Break the game. No cheap modes. Rank to hard. Try harder. Craft the scars. Ain’t skipping scenes. Gonna figure out what it all means.
No walks through parks or skips through fields. Just sprints with swords and shields. Down the middle where the shit gets real. Want to feel out the deal. Poker face. Lizard with the cards in place. Hold back the Ace of Spades. Show it off. Ain’t shit they could do anyway.
Wizard with quit spits. Magic flip-tricks. Sick wit with the wand. Raising the dead while they sound the alarm. Bounty on the head it’s charming. Wrong to think ones soft in the middle of a knife fight with rocket launchers, a 45 gauge revolver and a fire dragon that keeps evolving.
Cap back with the clap-back. Snap back taking shots. Oak trees, make arrows for the crossbow to strike back. Take out the mindless in silence. Avoiding no violence. Gonna make it across whatever the pain or the loss. Get lost and find a way retrace to the place where the taste was strong. Bring that held ace. It’s the pot of greed. More monsters to face. Demons. Gods speed. No quitting. Chase it to death. To the last breath. Gotta keep moving, gotta keep choosing. Can’t choose to lose and the only way to do that is to stop what you do. Face the music. Consume the music to the face. Let the flow guide to that place.