Talking Shit for Kicks


Erase what you wrote
Brace yourself
Protect your throat
I’m comin’ aces laced with traces of grace
Your map is misplace
You’re lost
I’ve got specks of this place
It’ll cost you
The early blueprints of how I plan to destroy
I come from outer space in a ship made of special alloys
To knock the taste out of your face
I don’t come alone
There’s a convoy
You can’t keep pace
You’re chasing the decoy
You don’t comprehend
Compared to me your nobody
Life isn’t fair
Quit pretendin’
You ain’t destined to be a legend
Speaking just to flex your beak, peckin’
You’re weak
Couldn’t keep up with me if I stopped movin’
Swapped the flow and changed the beat
Started groovin’ to soothin’ slow music
You still wouldn’t see me
Get wrecked, it’s all part of my ploy
The end is comin’
I don’t plan to descend to attend
But I understand you’ll be there networking and making friends
Following the latest trends and trying to blend in
Maybe even get employed, oh joy
Like a nightmare the despair you’re feeling goes nowhere
Wasting away somewhere you don’t want to be
Meanwhile, I’m dodging becoming a millionaire
‘Cause tax cuts aren’t fair for those of us way up here
First world problems they seem to be
You wouldn’t know
They’re just for me
I’ll speak your language though
Put your hands up bare
I’ll spare your waste of air since it’s sad enough your stuck in a square
I swear every night I share a prayer that God will glare your way and say
“Hey, maybe today’s the day I give them a break” but it’s never that way
Seems your fucked until time plays out a better way
You’ll be dead by then, but that’s okay
Presumably it’ll happen while you’re tweaked out in some den
Cheeks red, eyes freaked facing the bleak reality that seems to where you’ve been
On a mean streak stuck on those mean streets
Hit the deck
I’m right at your neck with plyers connected to high tech electric wires
Embrace the charge
The reveal is that you’re the meal
Let’s make a deal
If you kneel before the skill
However surreal it might feel
When I’m done with your boozy roofied body
I’ll let you be my groupie, loosely
You’re not that much of a hottie
We can still party
Just don’t get moody
Wouldn’t want black eyes to get blue
But I’m always ready to boogie
And however juicy the ass
A bootie is just a bootie
That’ll get knocked the fuck out just for having cooties
Here’s a chair
Take a seat
Declare your allegiance to me