Wicked Christ


Wake in a wicked casket
Bodies all around me
Crosses and pentagrams
On the walls
On my hands

Blood trails straight to Christ
He’s my next sacrifice

Quake in anticipation
So I can sin, I’ve been patient

Patient and fake
Been waitin’ to take him
And show him his mistakes
I want to see his face
When I put him in his place

Lightin’ up my wicked stash
Jesus puffs and then he passes
The last bit so I can have it

Grind that shit one more time
Turn it into powder, fine
Tune it so we’re higher
The goal’s to meet the father

Yeah I might be Satan
Bakin’ these pot cakes
When Marry missed the breaks
The dumb bitch crashed my place

But homie Jesus came to save me
He left me in safety
So I can run this place, see

Puttin’ on his crown for fun
I’m Anti-Christ the number one
Churchies runnin’ from my gun
Jesus tells them “Church is done”

Purgin’ out with Christ
He’s walkin’ with Kane’s knife
We’re savin’ all their lives
They’ll be saved just this time

But he ain’t trust worthy
I’m missin’ stacks, he finds funny

He turns his back he’s done in
I pull the trigger and start runnin’

His body hits the floor
Three days later knocks the door
By his side, that stupid whore
“I won’t have this anymore”

So I get knocked out
No memory of what went down
I wake up in a casket
With no one else around