Know How To Write


Not knowin’ what to do
But knowin’ how to do it
Twistin’ all the little words
Keepin’ all the lyrics fluid

Movin’ through it just to move
Like there’s somethin’ else to prove
But there isn’t,
I’ve just got nothin’ to do

It stops and drops when it gets too hot

Sippin’ liquid flame
Can’t tame the insane lane this tongue drives on
Spittin’ wood frames
For painting I refuse to paint ‘till I’m done

Scribblin’ and writin’ and speakin’ inside of my head where I’m hidin’ and fightin’ the demons I find

Crazy fuckin’ ride
And I’m tryin’ not to fight it
Want to self-reflect
And I want to do it right

When inspiration strikes
I just want to waste my time
‘Cause I know, in fact, I got this
‘A’ game comin’ spotless

Another day comin’ by
Contemplatin’ suicide
Just so can use a rhyme
About how I’d rather die

Slick, slick tongue
With my slick dick hung
And she wrap her leg around me
Skeet, skeet, CUM!

And I’ll lie about sex
And I’ll lie about guns
And I’ll lie about cars
Money lies, on the run

I don’t have to say shit
I just say what I want
To show YOU that I can
I already know I won