We give you the power, and the control. You are forced to lie one day, you know, “for the sake of the people.” It’s to protect them from unhappiness. For “the greater good.”

“This isn’t important information anyway. This means nothing to them other than meaningless concern.”

The second time happens because it worked the first time and this next problem is as bad if not worse.

“Maybe mass hysteria isn’t the best idea. It’ll remain secret until we know for sure.”

The next lie is to cover the time you slipped and said too much. Now to not lose the trust of the people you must maintain the big lie. The people must not be confused into labeling you a liar. They might give the power to a true liar. They’ll give it to someone like who they believe you are. They can’t tell the difference. Because you served as the final example of what it takes to lead the people. Lies are what they know. Some still believe you are honorable and do things in their interests, but other’s call you a liar and accuse you of deceiving them.

They fight amongst each other because you won’t correct the party that is wrong. You refuse to clarify your motives and inform your people of where the truest truth stands.

When you finally decide to speak up, you look back at a series of people you’ve hired to help maintain the lie. The same people who’ve agree to hold it up even if you have second thoughts and doubt the plan. They’ve vowed to do this for the people. Because they matter.

Having to focus on the lie all the time has taken your attention away from other matters. Away from the people.

“I’ll get to them after I finish dealing with this.”

You stop listening to them.

You stop paying attention.

All your time is consumed keeping things the way they are, and eventually even progress comes to a halt.  It’s frozen under the weight of the cover-up.

The people’s interest have changed, but you’re so confused hiding your lies that you’ve missed the memo and are no longer in touch with the needs of the people. You are stuck protecting the needs of your position. You want to be ready in case a single moment with no problem unfolds, you’ll be ready to make an inch of progress. Because the other guy is a liar and can’t make progress working so hard to cover his lie up.

You eventually notice the lack of progress you’ve made and devise a plan. The realization that if no one remembers the lie no one will question it comes fast and you set of to create the distraction. Pin the people against each other and you’ll have no worries, you’ll be able to fix all the problems while they’re distracted and tell them about it later, but again, you’ve lost touch and don’t know what the people believe is a problem anymore. Now you act of your own accord. You do what’s best for you because you are uninformed that it’s no longer the view of the people.

Habit forms and those upholding the secret hire others that’ll uphold the secret. The reason for doing it eventually get distorted in the number of involved members. Now all anyone knows is that it’s for the people.

The people are reaching their tolerance for being ignored, meanwhile you don’t know why they believe they’re being ignored. You are doing exactly what they asked you to do when they first gave you the power.

They hate you now. You use the people’s divisiveness to cleverly vote in the next person who will uphold your sacred lie.

You leave having done nothing other than cover up your lie.


By Jack Thomas