Worthless Stand

Take away what there is and what there will be. The wall of ignorance is ever growing. The power of kings and queens is lost in the shuffle to flings and fiends. A cycle, consecutive, repetitive, looping seeps seamlessly through the cracks. Snooping in on one another is inherent to our nature. Drooping, sagging old ideas. It needs to be taken away.

Words hurt, even when they claim it doesn’t, and they shouldn’t, but we’re creatures driven by the emotional ignorance, by the want to seem politically correct by our brothers and sisters. The blisters of phraseology administered by others fester needlessly, like a needle, nice and filled to the top with the serum, the heroine of self-righteous bullshit straight to the veins. Intoxication blinds even the most patient minds. It makes the visible line blur, twisting, turning and optically illusive. Hauling away the words that should be said, but we hide. We might as well be dead since our only truths we keep trapped in our heads, confined and denied. Trials fusing our unknowing selves with our knowing selfishness. Selfish-necessities and selfish needs to be who we think is what we should be.

The liar lives life based on who they think they are, not who their drive is to be. Diseased famine, fantastically displayed before us in a division we’ve imagine and perceived with zero passion, with regret and senseless standing for intense satisfaction. Friction is our choice. Our voice lives in fiction. Our characters are made up versions of ourselves we refuse to admit are our true identities because we fear the judgement. We’re all saying the same thing, though. We’re all thinking in formatted thought, bought by the money at the top, and dropped by our foolish hands as we say “we’ve got this”, telling our brothers to piss off and go fuck themselves. Shelf themselves, to never be themselves, because we don’t agree with their honestly, because we fail to stand apart, and we know we stand in line, and we know we fear whatever is outside the next time we step out of it. We fear what’s outside the next time we look through window and what we see on the other side lives or behaves differently.

Deception is the easy part. Apart from the itty bitty pity fit into lazy sitting shit, it’s all manipulation. A nation under stress, or a stressfully underdog nation. Either way, patience isn’t the next step. Waiting is the path to regret.

Double tap the dead body and find yourself behind steel bars of your own choosing.
It’s no longer random. It’s not unplanned. Your reaction was decided by the greats. It was planned by the marriage of the true minds. The leaders you stand against used your ignorance to force you to stand against them, so the followers who disagree line up behind him. Your hate fuels your misery.

As a curious madman said briefly, randomly, but strategically, “it’s choreographed but made to look spontaneous.” Planned with a random appearance to throw off the pattern seekers and force them to seek the abstract features, distracted and worried for the wrong reasons.

Plead your case, but your actionless faceless tasteless place in this great sinking ship, filled with previously mentioned lazy shit can only sit and wait for your fate to be decided. Ride it down to the end of the tunnel and hope the other side has something you like, because you’ve become an actionless voice, never the less the voice is hidden behind closed doors, because your opinion only becomes a whore when you see the other weak shits stand for nothing. You stand when they stand, in all your glorious originality.

Marry your mind to wisdom and enlightenment and realize that both sides are right, the fight isn’t against each other, it’s against the darkest night we face, and together we can become a light to blaze and strike our days of life and play together, forever, whether the weather protest or agree, we stand as one. Except we don’t. Because you… I. Us. We don’t stand for shit. We don’t stand for lazy shit. We don’t stand for active shit. We don’t stand.

Let’s wait for our commercial break to be told what we should buy. Otherwise we don’t know, we’re useless. We stand and cry and wait to die, and we never try to figure out why we are who we are, or where, or when, but mostly, and I repeat, the why.

We’re faceless. We’re faceless. We’re faceless.

We were cowards.

We talk the big talk but own no shoes to walk the big walk, because they haven’t told us to buy the shoes. We don’t know they exist.

Who chose to be where they are? No one right?

Then why be okay with where we are put? Why not fuck the curb up and let everyone who didn’t study fail the test? Let the educated rise with those married true minds and give rise to leaders of all sizes and shapes? We can bury the lies in our hate and let love lead us to the sky and the stars!

We could stand as one.

But we don’t.

We don’t.

We don’t stand for shit.

We’ll never stand for shit.