Ignorance is Powerful

The masses select side regardless of its similarities to its opposition. They claim allegiance while choosing to ignore the brutality of their own choices. This has embodied many different forms over the course of our existence. From political stands to religious beliefs to philosophical breakdowns of it all. The human arrogance leads each individual to believe what they experience to be the truest truth of them all. “I am a good person, they are the bad ones” with a finger aimed at a group which behave identical to their own.

Whether it be a Trump vs. Hilary in which both candidates are crooked and corrupt, yet their respective sides are unwilling to see the faults and only acknowledge the good. Like religion and its recurrence of genocidal activities across the planet, but their followers only see the miracles their god performs and all bad or evil that happens is to be blamed on the dark of a different religion or the demons of their own, but never themselves.

The mind chooses ignorance over an open understanding of the facts of life.

The masses search for their black and white solutions to a vastly grey problem.

There are no open minds. There is no right or wrong, but be damned if you suggest such things to the stubborn decided mind where new information is not permitted if it does not first agree with previously conceived notions or reality.

Never mind that religion is dictated through man made scripture. And even if there are thousands of them the one I’ve chosen is definitely correct, regardless of the mathematic unlikeliness of it all.

Never mind that the rules of science were created by scholars. Even if we’ve discovered less than 4% of all there is to know. Even if every hundred years we discover everything we thought we knew was wrong, we’re definitely right this time.

Even if the subject of philosophy is only possible for the thinking developed creature already existing inside the place where the information is manifested to philosophies in the first place. Those ideas must surely be correct.

It doesn’t matter that we invented monogamy, age limits, speed limits, moral codes, government, pro-choice movements, genocide, buildings and many more things, it has to be right. Because we are human, therefore, we are not wrong.

We choose to ignore the possibility that perhaps all our manmade ideas on philosophy, science and religion as well as our manmade structures are all wrong. The acknowledgement of our flaws is destroyed by our ignorant want to be right. To prove the other wrong. To pick a side.

But what if you found out not only they were wrong, but you were too? What if it all is? What if all the news you watch is made up? What if a story teller created a work of fiction you now refer to as scripture? What if the rules of science are what prevents us from discovering the origin of the “all”? What if we don’t know anything and we made all the rules and concepts we follow up? Then what? Then what is there to validate what you believe to be right as actually being right?

Scarier thought. What if you find out everyone is right? What if the Christian Jehovah and the Islamic Allah are both the same? What if Mohamed and Jesus were related? Or the same person? What if the strings from String Theory exist inside of the quantum fabric of Quantum Theory? What if they are both simply two possibilities inside of an infinite construct? What if that construct is simply one side of an endlessly reflected fractal? What if this fractal only exists as a projection from pure consciousness? Well, then those you disagree with are exactly the same thing, exactly the same person. The same consciousness.

If we simply took the time to improve who we are. If we took the time to open our minds and see the similarities between our arguments instead of the differences we’d be face with the undeniable fact of being more identical to our “enemy”. The ignorance leads to bliss when it means denying the reality that what we hate and what we love are different extremes of the same concepts.

We’ve learned to navigate using our emotions instead of rational judgement to the greatest of our objective ability. We are vastly underdeveloped as thinking creatures and have a long way to go before we understand all information as just more information instead of it being correct information and denying whatever we believe to be wrong.

We are the vast human failure. The ever sinking shit of the world. The cancer that eats our planet’s flesh, gradually poisoning its outside as we attempt to dig further in and ruin it from the inside out. We reach for the unknown outside trying to spread our cancerous existence across all we see, prideful and arrogant that we are doing the universe great justice.

The possibility that we will prove to be reality’s greatest failure is too likely.

We’ve already failed each other.


By Jack Thomas