We Judge Ourselves


Because our ability to comprehend another person’s experience of reality is limited to gestures, art and language, there is no way for us to truly understand another person’s universe. Their emotions and thoughts are inaccessible to us at their base most real level. We’re truly limited to words as our best means.

This fact tells us one thing: Who we are is who we believe other people think we are at any given moment. Because we are not actually perceiving another person’s perspective or interpretation of us, we are actually just judging ourselves all the while pretending another person is doing so. We’re merely using our own subjective information to interpret and conclude on our interactions and observations of others, but it is still us doing the interpreting and concluding.

In other words: We are us, pretending we know what others think, but that’s also just us thinking. We don’t actually know what others think, we’re filling up the blank with our own information. We judge ourselves, blame it on others, but that’s really just what we think of ourselves.

You are who you think other people think you are.