Writers Must Write All


I love to critically debate philosophy.

A conflicted hypocrite.
Claim no care for what people think of the words written but only when there is no need to express what I feel for some other thing enjoyed as much. To love photography or gaming, or painting and never mention them. Are they avoided because of the fear of labels? It makes no sense. They’ll be avoided because for some reason the delusion dictates that a writer is just a writer and a philosopher is just a philosopher? There’s no trace of where this twisted concept of what a “writer” allegedly is came from. A writer writes.

And I love to theorize on physics.

And I love to create through chemistry.

It’s unknown why the struggle is to shine light on these things. A writer that doesn’t write is no writer. Only fiction gets written. Words which exist only within text and thought. Imaginary constructs with sub-dimensional intelligence navigating those realities. But these things hold no meaning, no purpose. They are intentional creations which assures they’re owned. And they are an extension of the creator, but what led the creator to want to create is just as relevant as the creation. Is it not? Is it because writing these things feels like handing out something personal? It’s not... Writers should write what’s truest to them. Why avoid the truest things known?

And I love to study psychology.

And I love to design architecture.

Attempts to rationalize this are fruitless. There are no answers strolling by. Writers which don’t write existing truths… They invent new truths each time and abandon the things that have made them who they are. And it is great to create, but don’t ever forget why. The truth behind the art is the path that led to it and that is truer than the product itself. It is relevant. It is.

And I love to play the piano.

And I love to bluff at poker.

But these things remain unspoken, silent. What is the holdup?

The first step is to admit there is a problem, the next is to act on it. The solution is to address the unaddressed issue. To assure change occurs. To share the more abstract details that created the creator.

And I love to write.