Trump's Sci-Fi Victory

Let me start by saying how little I care about these upcoming elections. The charge is being carried forward by two criminals who are both going to wage war against the rest of the world given the opportunity to run the Oval Office.

Allow me to proceed with the follow-up statement: If Clinton wins the United States stays, more or less, the way Obama leaves it, which is great, by the way. Compared to most other presidents, Obama has done great in leaving it better than the president before him, but this is based on small changes he was able to make in his time in office without it being shot down by the rest of the government. I’m not saying he hasn’t done great, he’s the best president we’ve had and will probably ever have. Trump, on the other hand, whether for the better or the worse, will result in a complete change of everything that there is or could be. We take Clinton and wait for hundreds of years of gradual change in a country devouring itself, where the government cares more about making the rich richer and the poor poorer, but with Trump change comes in one quick swoop.

If by some crazy twist of fate Trump ends up in charge at the commander’s office, we are fucked, globally. See, if the man isn’t shot a year in by some crazed Hilary fan or maniac expecting the apocalypse as a result of his victory, he will ruin this country with such devastation that it will be rendered unfixable. We’ll be forced to abandon the old way and open up our minds to new ideas and possibilities. His presence alone will turn most countries against the United States (more so than already). The two party system will be severely reconsidered by the rest of the government and citizens alike.

The wedge between government and civilian life will grow until neither side trusts either side. Marshal Law will lead to gorilla style civil war. The general population will outnumber military and political personnel and the control of the government will return to the people. This’ll be rough at the start, but over the coming years the population learns how to manage the “System of the People” and majority and rationality reign supreme. Those that rely on emotion and faith are taught to use logic first in order to avoid the crimes and mistakes of humanity’s past as a result religion dies.

A country with no religion or government turns to science and education. This carries capitalism forth until the nation is wealthy enough to fund self-efficiency through solar power storage areas and streets made from carbon nanotubes designed to collect solar energy. This alongside windmills and solar panels on every home and all rivers and streams being connected to watermills allow free energy for the entire country. The excess in funds incentivizes automation of all jobs and careers without creative pursuit.

An abundance of fast and advanced 3D printing technology and raw materials solves the country’s food crisis and poverty ceases to exist. The other countries of the world see the advanced state of the U.S. and proceeds to follow in their footsteps.

100 years into Trump’s victory over Hilary, world hunger and poverty is no more. Peace spreads across the planet. And the WIC (World International Collective) looks to peaceful space exploration to spread the human race across the star system. By the time the entire star system is colonized, the EM Drive has evolved into a Warp Drive and allows us to reach all the nearby star systems effectively colonizing multiple star systems within 500 years of Trump’s victory… So on and so forth.

If Hilary wins… We just hope the next two candidates will be better. Let’s vote Trump! Chaos and anarchy are the only real way to fix this country, otherwise we sit and wait until we die hoping our children’s children get lucky enough to end up on the good side of this gradual change.

By Jack Thomas