Before The End


The rumble of the earth quaking viciously collapses entire mountains and erupts volcanos firing bright orange magma. The neutral sky rains blood as the clouds part blasting a black mist beam onto the ground below, ungodly rays.

The leafs and bark on all the trees go dark and fall leaving an ash graveyard.

Wings on the Adonis with a golden glow falling from the sky, staff in hand, slow the drop and halt him atop those watching below.

The clergy united side by side with the fight for power, the celestial cowards bent on resetting the mindset to maintain control. Mere hours before the kid shows.

The last stand. Allister watches from above, crown on his head fist of his left hand eager to overthrow the old way. He must rule over those lost and show them the cost if they disobey.

Allister preaches of the day they’ll wreck for reckoning. The troops ready for war.