The Traitor: I


Breaking out from the woods the cave entrance is barely visible covered in vines and mushrooms. The energy inside is powerful, colossal and still feels like its being held back. The monstrosities inside must be plentiful. A loud roar grumbles out, like a giant or a demon snoring inside. Beams of sunlight peek when they can, from behind the bright green leafs on the magnificent trees, lighting the grassless dirt far below.

This is the most powerful energy Finn or Isaiah have ever detected. They couldn’t hear Ref’s voice upon reaching the cave. The power inside drowned Ref out leaving Finn and Isaiah in the dark and without instruction for the first time since they partnered up. The hairs on their arms and the back of their necks stand on end as the tension rises. They consider the possibility that once they’re inside they’ll never come back out and freeze up at the cave entrance. They listen to the rumble inhale and exhale. Transistor and apostle, each with a gun in their hand, transmutations on Isaiah’s and scripture on Finn’s.

“So…” Finn begins. “Yeah, looks pretty bad,” he says.

“Pitch black, you mean!” Isaiah says.

“Yeah, that too,” Finn responds. “In?”

“I guess?” Isaiah questions whether or not they should turn around. The longer they stand there, the better of an idea it seems to just run away. “Before we change our minds,” he says and they walk inside. Isaiah’s gun shines gold, Finn’s purple and then gold, just enough to light their surrounding entering the dark cave.

They pace their way in trying not to trigger any celestials that might be inside, maybe some priests masked under the ginormous celestial energy. Just as they can detect others, they can be detected. Caution is advised when such power is felt. Every shadow that shifts as the guns move puts them both in panic mode, ready to attack whatever jumps at them.

Deep enough into the dark stone cave, at the other end of the path, a light becomes visible, fire. Finn and Isaiah get closer until the source, candles mounted on the walls, comes into view. The pathway becomes less jagged, more rectangular. They’re met with a wooden door at the end.

“You open it!” Isaiah says, backing away and aiming his gun at the door.

“Coward!” Finn says. “I’ll do it, sissy.” He turns the nob gradually, it squeaks rust.

Both Isaiah and Finn dodge to either side of the narrow pathway as a lightning bolt darts from across the door between the two of them and vanishes on its way out of the cave.

“SHIT!” Isaiah yelps.

“Language!” Finn says.

“Shut up! What the fuck was that?” Isaiah asks as he and Finn caution towards the door. The energy inside so powerful they feel it in their bones.

“Only one way to find out,” Finn says.