Not Thinking


My shift is in and out.
I repeatedly give up on humanity, the herpes of the world. The ever stupid monkey attacking itself. Watching everyone get consumed by their emotions over every little thing, nothing ever getting solved because they are too busy screaming at each other. Solutions lie behind reason. Be less worried about someone understanding your point of view and attempt to understand theirs. Just listen and process. No commenting, no insulting. Don’t say anything. Listen to their explanation. When they’re done, ask a question without inserting new information. Just make it based on what they’ve said. That’s all the reason you need. If it makes sense take it and run, if it doesn’t and they don’t want to hear your reason, well at least you understand you don’t agree with theirs.

But if everyone is busy yelling at each other because emotions who is listening to who? Which side is getting smarter and more informed? Be the bigger person, sit and listen, ask questions, give no information if the chance isn’t presented. Just listen. You leave the winner because you leave knowing more. Better equipped for the next encounter with someone.

I think the way of Recreational Outrage is the path towards general ignorance.