Down the Middle


Silently trying
To stay composed
Denying who I am
Fighting to stay whole
Grasping at loose strings
Refusing to let go
Leave the little things
Lose control
Stuck in my ways

The glass mirror won’t last
It breaks in the rear view
Shattering the past
It was a time machine
To who I was
Its been erased
Behind the fuzz
The cloud of smoke
The loud that chokes my throat
Helps me look up

At a distance I feel I need it to cope
With persistence It’s real that I don’t
Administered false dreams and hope
But I miss it even when I hope I won’t

Over my shoulder there’s no one
I can always look forward
When hopes gone
Life goes wrong
I walk on
Hype myself uptight
Buy a tall horse
Ride it day and night
Blind, lost my sight
Apocalypse to my right
But my horse darts right by

No time to look down and see
My horse is too high
I’m not me
But I won’t cry

I’ll grab that bitch Will
Stab him in his cage
Torture him for days
‘Till he’s crazed
Throw him in the maze
Record his every gaze
When he moves
Rearrange the walls
As I choose
Leave him clues
Through deceiving puzzles
Meant to do nothing
But confuse
Lead him through trouble
‘Till he refuses to move
Release the dogs
He runs double
Now he refuses to stop
Dogs are hot on his tail
Will screams “Help!”
But no one is there to hear
Dead end, walls close behind
Locked in
A new box just for him