Week 1


I’m an incredibly convincing liar
A con artist drowning his fire
Sinking and tired
Capable of talking himself into irrational conclusions
Through streams of delusion
Staple mark of needing help
When the coast is clear intentional intrusions bloom
Influence me to do the things I’ve convinced myself I want to
Bag headed and suffocating for air
It’s not fair to still be here wasting away
With a chance for purity
Whilst others legitimately struggle for sanity
Unable to stay themselves for longer than a day
Behind the chemical compound they’ve grown to see
Drugs, just like me
Kids on drugs roam the streets
One of them I used to be
Brainwashed by the environment
Thought it’s how life was meant
There’s hundreds of millions
Spend and bent on sharing
What they think is caring
Here I am staring
Watching worried
Hurrying to stay me
I thought I was
When high is normal, normal is high
When not high is normal, high is not normal
And that’s how I discovered the true me
The drugs have quite a unique blanket
Warm and careful, but blinding
They’ll continue winding and winding
Trying to divert eyes from the real size of the issue
Addicts justifying addiction
Claiming it’s want
Even though it’s not
While questioning the struggle when trying to stop