Red Lock


Emotionally unstable at this age
Arms crossed at the table with failure to engage
Reason tossed ready to wage war
I’m unable to sound the alarms
Framed hope lost at the door
Not capable of the same, though
Mind flossed and cleared at a cost
My brain’s a whore
No kind bone, a loss
Moldy moss on the carved stone

Rage filled stages
Mentally ill in place
I’m a disgrace in how I face this interface
Shaky hands
And sour aftertaste
When I’m not in space
The deadbolt is locked
The haste of misplaced gauges
Outraged at the molting voltage
Hours wasted that can’t be erased
Having raced fast-paced I revolt
With traces of fallen towers displaced
Encased just in case I’m upstaged I could halt
Laced with lacks of embraces showcased
Waist high and aced while high
I’ll catapult to the sky
To figure out the nuts and bolts
Colt python between my teeth cold
The result, I die
Like a cult of a single “adult”
No one to consult
So I insult myself then cry