Dissociative Lyricist


Fucking blank page
It’s staring me in the face
And the beat in the back comes off a bit whack
A track that lacks emotions fades to black
The ice in my veins shows
Roll the dice hoping something insane goes boom
Twice now I feel like doping my brain soon
Need to splice coping mechanisms to seal the dropping tunes
The way I was meant to do
Grab a broom and sweep the room clean with mean grin
Feels like doom in the back of a cab where I spit my lung out
Tastes weird hacked up sliding by my tongue on its way out
I want lyrics to spit when I sit and take shits on idiots swearing they’re lyricists because they have a nice beat but no bars for it
They think they’ll get nice cars on hopes and dreams
As it seems it’s not happening
My destination is ahead
Heads will roll and they’ll take their toll
As I take my stroll and troll with my words
Disrupting the flow
Emotions I wish to let go
Devotion moves slow
If I try hard who knows?
Promotion of cold old news
I refuse to give in again
I do what I choose
Slave to nothing and no one
Left clues in the form of dead bodies
Save for the hunting
The words fill the page
As I’m filled with rage
Hordes of multisyllabic craze
I’ve stored for days
And they play and play
In the back of my brain all day
They stay with no way to go away
Until I sit and play on the empty page
Fill a blip on the radar of lyrics
Send me to the stage
That’s my place
The page is full
It’s not blank
I blinked once and chose to sink who I was into the page for once and once I did I was gone and done with it
So a new me came to join the game
Old two bit flame tamed at the flip of a coin
The old me was annoying
Welcome to the Show I’ll be putting on for you
For me too
But mostly for you
See the paged filled
And I felt still
Trapped which is why I killed Will when I became Jack
Fuck will, that bitch was whack
My attack is back at him for what he has been
Fucking has-been
My stupid twin
Druggie junkie lonely puppy doggie turdy fucking tarded broken hearted car wreck of a person
I’m me because he’s not
I’m here because my shits what’s hot
Steaming piles of talent raw
Like a dirty horny cop at a traffic stop stopping a chick that’s hot because his badge got to his head
His little one
That’s why I’m here and will had to disappear
So the page doesn’t stay blinking with a cursor hinting at what he doesn’t seem capable of doing
He doesn’t have the ability to get through it
Cruel joke, but a true one