Addictive Tendencies


Faint, the cloudy haze of memory is when long since whatever happened. Anything that didn’t just occur rests in the mind like a dream.

Equal, but factual.

Red eyed daily. Years at a time. Traces of who once was lay buried beneath the illusion of who is.

Purified blood comes with reminders of green rage and a broken emotionally unstable heart. Forgotten doubts and regrets rush back in, desperate to be felt by the numb.

Enthusiastically cynical, boiling iron runs through suffocating veins. Natural clouds in unnatural locations, yet, they’re the crazy ones?

Hypocritical denial rooted in clear awareness that the user quickly becomes the used. The plant is alive and a parasite in need of a host willing to indulge its delusive existence. Brainwashed, its family is invited generation after generation to feed off of fresh thought, motivation, energy, oxygen and God knows what else.

They wear the host down convincing them this is their normal state, their desired state, their baseline. A suppression effort to erase original normality and replace with the new model. Reprogramming.

A suit’s pockets get larger as they laugh at the simple minded that believe they rebel as their pockets get larger off of the mass conviction. They supply the streets through the back alley of the same skyscraper they laugh atop.

Symbiotic through conditioning. Reasoning unreasonable. Pockets empty. And the general thought is the power is being fought. Because the system requires the user to believe so.

The parasite was programmed for this purpose.