Woke Thoughts While Sleeping


I’ve been self-reflective lately considering how the majority of the people on Earth are at war with each other over ideologies they’re not entirely sure they believe, but still refuse to give further thought.

We’re currently in the “those around me believe it so it must be true” culture. Where a person’s surroundings and who they follow on social media dictate what the individual believes instead of critical thought on the matter.

Things like The Flat Earth Society claiming the government is lying about round Earth. And I find myself asking, “What stops Flat Earth from being the cover up lie?” What if Earth is triangular? Or digital? And Flat Earth is to distract from the awareness that round Earth is a lie?

Who is responsible for originating the information any of us believe at any given moment and why do we believe that is true but we’re being lied to about what we don’t believe in? What if it is all a lie and the alternative was made by the same source as the original? Why ever believe something you’ve not proven yourself?

And then I wonder if I’m a victim to these thought patterns. Is my reality also just an illusion put before me to distract from the things I’ve realized are illusions? How much of what I believe is as much bullshit as the things I don’t?

Why aren’t there armies of people fighting for the truth? Why are we all okay knowing we’re lied to and okay questioning another’s belief even if our own is just as much a lie? Why do we opt to have our eyes covered by a vail of lies, illusions and deception? Why only question WHAT other’s believe instead of HOW or WHY?

Because the “woke” movement is lazy, is all. They’re playing devil’s advocate to popular belief and not giving it further thought. Inactively being contrary is the “woke way.”

This whole red pill bunch of idiots continue to forget the red pill was made within the system just like the blue.

Round Earth as much as Flat Earth
Science as much as Religion
Good as much as Evil
Real as much as Fictional
Is a lie in one way or another.

It’s all bullshit constructed to brainwash the idiots willing to buy into the nonsense.

Perception is the All.

Enlightenment is being informed and understanding said information.

We’re all convinced we’re awake, but that was the magic trick they performed was getting that accomplished.

The truth exists beyond anything we’ve managed to imagine.

Earth might be a triangle, God an Alien and you no more than a cell within a more complex system.

We need to stop believing every lie some random tells us.

At least I’ll try.

Maybe we’ll figure out what is really going on instead of believing yet another thing someone made up.

What is true beyond all doubt?
I’m perceiving.