Supportless Profit


The people who support the least are the first to show up and ask for favors when success finally occurs. They find it dumb and a waste of time until it proves to have worked. But rather than follow the formula they want to take part and get benefits from the hard work and success of the other.

Sucks to be someone I know if you try this. They’re fucked. Anyone who wasn’t here during the ‘Always broke’ days isn’t here now. I’ve already gotten rid of them all.

Once in a while one of those snakes’ slithers from underneath the rock I put them, but I throw the rock back on top.

It’s funniest when I see these same people on the streets doing their whole “gangster” shtick, way the fuck in debt. It’s funny because I remember being out there with those same motherfuckers telling them to follow their dreams or support mine. They did neither. Still they are pushing dime bags.

I date a hot white girl with a fat ass and an IQ bigger than all those “gangster’s” wallets stacked together on a good day.

I pay everything in full on the first swipe of my card and still can’t seem to run out of money fast enough.

Bought a recording studio.

Bought an art publication.

My lady looks like one million dollars any time she feels like it because I’ll get her whatever the fuck she can think up.

And the snakes smell it and want it. But they can’t have it.

I’m the proof and still no one goes out and tries to do their own thing. Friends and family alike. Some of these motherfuckers I’ve not seen in years before they popped up asking for some shit. But they won’t follow the formula. They want the finished product and THAT I will not share.

Not because I want it. I don’t do anything with it anyway. But I’m also not handing it over to some lazy fuck who won’t appreciate the hard work it took to get here. To be able to do what I want, when I want.

I’m my own boss because of the cliché sweat and tears line.
That leads to this.
I guess.

Put in the work.
Get the benefit.