I'm Not Crazy


I'm not crazy
The voices
Are making noises
Controlling my choices
Hand tangled in weave
This bitch keeps screaming
Her head won’t come off
Something’s wrong
I can feel it

If I don’t do this quick
Won’t have time
To slide my dick
In her throat hole
To feel her whole throat peel
Keep her head
To repeat
When my mind is clear
Knowing that I missed nothing
While I was here

On the run
Stop the cops
By aiming guns
In my mouth
Got them head scratching, now
Confused and what not
Keep claiming I’m related
To their mothers
They hate it
“Their quite hot!”
Keep listing bothers
That might not
Be real
But that’s fine
I’m still ill
When I spill these beans
As it seems

And the doubt settles in
Am I family
Where have I been?
I was just stalling while bomb strapped around me started tickin’
And tickin’ and tickin’ and tickin’ and tickin’ and tickin’

I’m not crazy
I’m not crazy
I’m not crazy

I’m not crazy
Maybe a tab bit lazy
But it doesn’t phase me
As you can see
I’m happy to be me

It’s the only way
The chain on this chainsaw can stay raw
And cut through bone
Shatter the shit gripping the dome
Avoid the blood splatter
You don’t want to touch
What’s the matter lady?
Why you in a rush?
Do you know that you’re my crush?
Even though we just met
It must be true love
Wait, where you runnin’?
This isn’t fun
Bitch, don’t run
Let’s have fun
With my gun
One on one

Allow me to reintroduce you to my knife
It loves hoes
And I think it has a fascination with your life
As it goes
This nasty flow
Knows no bounds
And must stretch out
To grow
And expand the expanse of the universe
As you know
Where I’ll commit cosmic genocide
Force a couple of stars to collide
Just to gauge the size of the explosion
They’ll collapse and leave a black hole
Then consume all that’s around them
I’ll be making flybys
To drop lost lives inside
Hoping they’ll be alive
On the other side
So another me
Can have fun next time

I’m not crazy
I’m not crazy
I’m not crazy

Through my hand
Though it was another man’s
Caught it gripping my dick
Made me jealous as shit
But I only noticed
Once the pleasing pain hit
Shot straight to my brain
And I liked it
Needless to say
Internal bleeding is the
Name of the game
Hope the ambulance doesn’t
Take all day
Should have just tried to autoasphyxiate

Great, is this my fate?
All I wanted to do was find the right hoochie mama to rape
Halloween, I’m dressed as Bill Cosby today
Oh well
Guess straight to hell
I’ll be
My personal crate
Time to rebel
The devil can’t handle
What I bring to the table
He isn’t able
I demand to be a general
And in general

I just want to feel loved
The Devil, why do you run?
Get the fuck outta here!
Even you’re scared of my gun?
That’s not right
You can’t kick me out
Middle of the night
Not unless you’re ready for a fist fight
Bring A knife
I think I still like it
Sharp right?
Oh yeah
I’m frightened
When are you striking?
Feels like I’ve been waiting forever
Aren’t you the Devil?
Shouldn’t you know better?

‘Cause I’m not crazy!

Give it to me
I’ll show you
Eyes open so you see
What the right way to slice is
Learn from me
I won’t explain it twice

This isn’t checkers
It’s a chest match
And I’m the king
And you’re the queen
There is no enemy team
You just do what I say
When I say it