The System


And chains
Ancient tribal names
Raped queens
And dames
The Devil
Can’t be tamed

Guilty dark skin
Villain it
Chillin’ with a gun in hand
While killin’ it
Criminal intent
A last stand
For the black man
Its imminent

And the masses fight
And cry
And hide
And wonder why
Some angry Asian guy
With nukes
Lights up the sky
At night

It’s because he’s frightened
Of the tall blond orange titan

The woken are broken
Consider themselves
The last hope when they’re chokin’
Like everyone else
It’s no slow thing
They’re frozen
A personal hell

The opposition has precision
When they alter your vision
Because the mission is a given
Making money off your livin’

Sippin’ fine wine
While they crime dine
And design lines
To entice minds
And keep eyes blind