Wreck Love

Instead of stabbing
His heart,
Why don't you just
Stab his chest?
In lieu of showing
Love lust in your
Eyes and having
Lovelorn in your heart.
Why don't
You just kill him
And swallow the Knife.
For his
Heart was as
Scars furnished
With series of
What deceived
Him most was
That of his trustworthy
Who believed
In the heart
Of gold,
Like that of
Anne Frank
Whose fragrances
Of love was Immortal.
What downgraded
Him most was
That of illusion
Of having a
Rock heart
That defeated
Whatever comes
It way.
It yearned for
Her for so long,
Yet, she betrayed!
Those promises
That had been
Made: To take
Her down the
With fur coats.
To come with
Her up golden
Hill, seeing the
Entire life with
Its beautiful
Garden, and hold
Her whole in
His arms till
All these were
Futile! Because it's
Somehow hard
To go on with
The illusions she poured.
Loved him
For a while,
Liked him
For a moment
And gave him
Agonies suddenly
In the midnight
Of the day.
Now linger is the
Craziest things,
So called madness
Militate against him
Found her no
Where to comfort Him,
Her imagery
Was fading like
A tattered clothes.
What a wreck love?
That gave him
So much pains
Even in his solace
If these could be
Called love,
Then, woe to
Love itself!
For shackled his
Heart with its
And made the
Whole issues
Cumbersome for Him.
For loneliness
Is better than
Love and peace
Of mind is prefer
To pieces of heart.
Woe to love that
Makes him a narrow
Minded, shallow
Minded, hallow
Minded, shortsighted
And myopic.
Nay, woe to love
Again! He said.
When I met him
On his way
To no avail.


By Mutalib Lawal

Facebook URL: lawal.tunde.7965