Where Racism Lives

Centuries ago as nations rise against nations

Influenced by greed and corruption

Passed on from generation to generation

Like a genetic disorder or malfunction

Embedded deeper than the bones and marrow

A disease that causes great grief and sorrow

Hate, anger, bitterness against another culture

Fed to our children like breast milk as a mother’s nurture

The ugly head of racism has no shame

It takes up residence in all, as it seeks fame

Young, old, rich and poor

It’s knocking on your door

“Human! Human! Let me in!

I am mighty and powerful, and I’m not a sin!”

Entry is allowed to gain strength and power

Quickly taking up residence, but will soon devour

Devouring the heart and mind

It assures you that you are the better kind

Don’t touch or interact, don’t let them be a part

You are high class, high color, beautify and smart

Discrimination and prejudice, send its arrow on a mission

Quickly its target is pierced with precision

Sadly, the antidote is available to bring healing and peace

But only few find it, with love this must cease

By KellyAnn Rodriguez-Singh

From: Trinidad and Tobago

Facebook URL: https://www.facebook.com/kellyldr