Welcome To My World

Do you love me like you did
Back when I was brand new
And do I do the same things to you
That I used to do
Do you think of me all day
Can't wait to hear my voice
Or even send a message
When a call is not a choice

Am I the first thing on your mind
Upon rising from your bed
Am I just like that silly tune 
That seems stuck your head
When at last, we've had a chance to speak
Are you beside yourself
Even so giddy you've found you put
Milk on the pantry shelf

And then at night, are your dreams filled
With rapturous fantasies
That upon waking make you question
Your sphere of realities
Well if you find this strikes a chord
And must admit, "Guilty"
Then I say welcome to my world
I'm delighted you're here with me

By Sharon Cunningham

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