To Good to be True

With your picture close to my heart

My thoughts pull me back to when I fell in love with you


Day weeks or months, I don’t know how long it took

Our eyes met, hands touched and I felt it perusing through


Love needs no security; love needs not to be feared

You taught me the art of loving for endless years


Looks like those of a fictional hero, graceful in his ways

Our eyes locked, heart stopped, you took my breath away


A coincidence or a miracle, what was it I wonder

What did I ever do to deserve someone as phenomenal as you?


Standing out in the crowd, my eyes caught your sight

The world felt at my disposal, you seemed too good to be true


Pen in my hand I struggle to find the words that seem right

I sit here on a cool breezy night, in an attempt to express my love for you

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By Anonymous