The Quest

Between two boulders, monolithic

Lone knight rides on quest, specific.

Heart’s desire, no lust for gold

Just TRUE love as in stories told.


Armor tarnished, dust of leagues

Love’s long journey, horse fatigues.

Resenting rest, yet needing sleep

Enters in to night’s safe keep.


New day has dawned, determination

Hope in breast, great expectation

Path by lake, so lonely long

Beckons with love’s siren song.


His treasure of desires, so near

Sweet flowered scents in air, calm fear.

In patch of sun, a grassy glade

By nearby copse, sits fair young maid.


Arms reach upward, lifting helm

Dismounts his steed, now in her realm

Flashing eyes, full lips, beguiling

Doe soft skin on face now smiling.


Long saddled legs walk, tenuous

His iron and mail, now strenuous.

She rises to his slow advance

Eyes locked in thoughts of fresh romance.


Shedding skin of steel, unbound

Buried thoughts of love, refound.

Fingers tremble, love’s first touch

Never felt a feeling, such.


Unwavering gazes, fascination

Bodies flushed, no machinations

Deep embrace, the other’s frame

Softly whisper, given name.


Melded bodies swirl, as one

Gently laid in patch of sun

Love warmed souls, emotions burst

In passion’s pool, now deep immersed


Their bodies spent now, satisfaction

Smoldering gaze, no need for action

Entwined fingers clasp and hold

First chapter of their love is told.


End of quest now found, rejoice

Their silent love now given voice

TRUE love was found, with joy and laughter

Thus was born, “Happily ever after.”

By James Geehring