*Song of Fire*

Let me sing a song

A song of sorrow

Listen to the sound of my voice

But be warned

this is not a song of choice

This is a song that bring no


The intrinsic rhythm of my song

is not for the weak

for it sounds like a melancholic distorted tune

from an old gramophone

My heart is too heavy for me

My eyes are a fountain of tears

Where will I find peace

All I hear is echoes and lamentations of the fatherless who cannot stand these times

Love, peace and joy are only found

in ancient folk tales

The truth has been condemned and exiled

it has become a thing of shame and remorse

As for me there is nothing left to take pleasure in

So I will sing a song of Sorrow

Nothing is left to desire or admire

Ruin ruin ruin

The whole land has become like a vast battle field

Causing untold desolation

Everyman takes pleasure in destruction

Trembling children, gnashing and gashing teeth,falling fathers and nursing nebulous nostalgia

Running to and from

Going hither and thither .

Mighty men of valour running from North to South then South to North

Running from the same calamity

But as for me and my worn out self

I am a mad mad mad man

An empty vessel with no vision

But give me your ear

for life is not about what you see

But what you hear

So listen to me while I sing a song

A song of sorrow

Society has became like a disease Driving us round the bend

Women hating even their own existence

Jealousy is a cruel cancer

Slowly eating away bonds that used to keep brothers and sisters united

Self centred son only wishing to move further from the father

Father can only give son a piece of avarice instead of a slice of advice

That can gives peace to the turbulent youthful heart and

for this

I will sing a song

A song of sorrow

This is the time of trouble

This is the time of lamentation

This is the year of wondering

Listen to the wailing of children

Even the mighty man of valour sleeps with one eye opened for a knock on is a signal of doom

I am an outpost living in

Obscurity, a soul swimming in the heart of reality

Even if my words fall on rocks I will live the whole of my life singing a song of sorrow

By Happious Sai