My Time To Shine

Can I trust you with a piece of my soul?

Can I tell you my hidden secrets and trust them in your possession to hold

This may be spontaneous but the stage is calling my name

And the adrenaline inside of me is going insane

The vibration of the beat is bumping in my chest

I never done this before as I close my eyes and pray for the best

Can I trust you with my biggest fear?

I am scared of rejection but this just might just be my cure

This is my time to shine I am certain

As I pace back and forth behind the closed curtains

And when they scream Vanessa come to the stage

The audience applause and gives me praise

The curtain opens as I get frozen and stuck

But I look up and ask God to wish me luck

The lights dim low and the spot light shines on me

This is my time to shine, this is meant to be

My mouth opens as the words flow into the microphone

These lyrics I own

As I feed your ears with a piece of my heart

What did I start?

I see smiles fill the room with all eyes drawn to me

This is my time to shine as I introduce you to creativity

With each word that I speak

With each tear that I weep

Our emotions intertwine

The feelings you feel are mine

The crowd starts moving and swaying

Many nodding their heads like they feel what I’m saying

I notice my words start to draw you in close

I can tell the crowd loves me the most

People stand before I am done

Matter of fact each and everyone

I see people anticipating the snap

I see people waiting to clap

And when I’m done with my piece

The silence has come to a cease

As the crowd creates a unique beat

With snaps as they stomp their feet

By Karamelprincess