It's time.

 I guess it's time. 
I've got to let you go. 
I can't press rewind. 
But there's something I need you to know. 
I was so blind. 
Hurting you was never my goal. 
I should have put you on a shrine.
Truth be told. 
I never meant to make you cry. 
I didn't know how to play the role. 
Now I feel like I want to die. 
Losing you has taken its toll. 
Now I am serving for my crime. 
With no chance of parole. 
Now that you're no longer mine. 
I'm losing control. 
I can't seem to find. 
A way to get off this low. 
I can't seem to climb. 
Out of this bottomless hole. 
I didn't see the signs. 
Now it's destroying my soul. 
Now I'm confined. 
To place so dark and cold. 
Without you by my side. 
Destined to die alone.

By James Holton