Inka's Curse Part 12: An Attack

I tighten the fur coat Ruth carefully provided me. The coat is uncomfortable bulky, but it keeps me warm and hidden.

A frail boy is walking tiredly around the square ringing a bell and shouting, “Fire, fire!”

“What are you talking about?”

“Near the entrance, some outsiders started some trouble.”

I continue anxiously on my way as he shouts frantically. 

Walking along the ruined wall I can see where it began. It didn’t get very far. The thick wood was damaged and stained blackly.

Chief surrounded by concerned civilians wanting answers. “There was an attempt to burn down the village. The people are captured. The men were practicing magic. They must be from the Hetha Kingdom. They are going to be taken to the Freymoor Kingdom. The queen has been seeking them to have them executed. We’re assuming these men are the ones that caused the purge in Oakheart. They won’t talk. The men are bound behind me. They will be directed to the kingdom right away for further investigation.” 

There’s something odd about them. Some kind of trance. Those men are so inactive like they’re under a wicked spell. They stole Freymoor armor. My body stiffened, and I patted my chest nervously. 

There are four of them. There's something wrong with how they look. They don’t look human. Two of them possess elongated faces. One of them seems to have razor sharp teeth and gills. One red and thin, tall, a bit fragile looking. His hair is flaming. He reminds me of a fox. His hair reminds me of my hair but his combed back nicely long and straight. Mine is a curly, tangled up mess. It unpleasantly reminds me of the wolf face girl. Was she part of their group? Some of them possess animal-like features. None as exaggerated as hers. 

“We will be on high alert for a few days.”

“Hold it there,” a guard’s stern voice ceases me, “where do you think you’re going?”

“To the kingdom. My life pretty much depends on it.” 

“No one can leave. Not tonight. Unless you want to join the group transporting the prisoners to the kingdom. You're going to the same place and we both know it isn’t safe. There might additionally be more outsiders out there hiding.”

I can’t help but gulp at the thought of her. She wanted me. I guess I have no other choice.

“Alright let's go.”

I felt it the moment I wandered through the gate a foreboding presence. A tingle went down my spine. I dug my hands into my coat’s pockets. I could detect no sounds besides our footsteps. We must be alone besides all the creatures that ventured out during the night. Few people dare travel without the sun by their side.

I followed behind the guards and prisoners, trudging through the fluffy, pure white snow. The walk is peaceful. I never noticed how large the forest truly was when I have no fear of it. I see stars in between the branches of the trees. I hear wind roaring and cascading overhead. 

By Cristina Collazo