Hurt by Favorite Fantasy

Hi, I met your boyfriend last week. You are so lucky. He was very nice. So, I was alone in a bar waiting for a friend to celebrate my first salary, and your man and his friends were so lovely and kind to invite me to have a drink with them, you know, while I’m there waiting all by myself. So thoughtful, right? There were four of them so I said no to the first offer, but they didn’t take my no for an answer and already ordered a shot for me so I went for it. I saw I am not getting away from them. But to be completely honest, I don’t usually appreciate that behavior at all but I appreciate people who are late all the bloody time even less. So instead of waiting for my friend forever, I joined the wolf pack. One of them was actually cute. The tall guy, Tom. You know him? He is so handsome and gentle.

I see how good you must be feeling around this group – they are really macho and I am sure you are being taken care of like a princess. You partner has some amazing manners, too. He was never lazy to walk me to the toilet, even though I made it clear more than once that I know my way around the place. He insisted it was for my own protection.

You know, when you are alone in a bar at night you can easily find yourself in a hairy situation and you might need protection. I have a history of getting into trouble and I don’t see anything wrong in letting your boyfriend walk me to the toilet. He was taking care of me. Anything could happen, we all know it. I am just glad there was no opportunity for anyone to make a scene because your boyfriend’s friends were staring at me and following my every single. It was so funny when they tripped one man who was walking by on purpose because he winked at me. Haha, it was hilarious, the man was so afraid. I am sure it was for my own good. I shouldn’t be making eye contact with strangers after all. It is so hard to find such great guard dogs like your boyfriend’s friends. You are a lucky girl, let me tell you, nothing can happen to you.

But, is it common for your group or friends to buy you lots of drinks and then follow you to the toilet, but all the way inside, into the stall? I know my friends love me, but to come inside to help me with everything, I mean, I was never that close with anyone. Those are true friends, and with true friends there is no shame, that’s what your man told me. And he was right; friendship is being naked in front people who respect you like he respected me.

You know, my friend never showed up and I didn’t really look at my phone to check the time, but after mixing some drinks they wanted me to try, I was drunk but drinks were still coming to the table. They really know how to party. They were so funny asking me naughty questions about my boyfriend and things like that; I was blushing all the time! Then Tom, the tall man, saw that I was too drunk, so he wanted to help me to the toilet to freshen up a bit. What a gentleman, I didn’t even have to ask. Then two of them insisted to follow me to the ladies’ room because three drunken people are almost like one strong healthy man who might want to hurt me. I have never had friends who cared this much, I mean, most of assaults happen in toilets, right? It is better to have someone strong to follow you just in case.

And they were real gentlemen, too. They followed me to the stall, locked the door from the inside so that no maniac would try to come in, and helped me undress. I must admit they were really gentle and I was amazed by how well-mannered they are. To know so much about female body, I learned so much! They showed me different parts of my modesty, and they knew all the names! Not even I knew that many! I am sure you taught them all that when you were playing. They say it is normal in your group to share everything when you are drinking like this but it is better not to talk about it. They told me that girls usually show their men in the group everything they know. Every woman plays differently, they also said. So I showed them what I can do, I felt challenged, you know. And it was new for me, this secret society. I was really sore after them but they said it was just because the toilet was so small, I couldn’t relax completely. So I just waited until they finished. I mean, they were there to protect me, teach me, they were paying for my drinks and all, of course I am going to be patient and take some pain.

Then I am not sure what happened, but Tom grabbed my face and told me to be quiet, someone else was coming. Then they ran out. Oh, what a sweet life you have. You really share everything, don’t you?

You know how I know? I know because when your man came in my stall, I was already tired and wanted to go home, but he said that I can choose what I want to do, but we need to finish the game. I said that I am in pain and would like to go home and shower. Then he said that I can do everything at his place, and he has some awesome paintings he thought I would like. I felt like he was my true friend.

So yes, we went to his place, he made me a tea to sober up, and I immediately fell asleep! Haha, can you believe it? I took me a minute to be sleeping like dead. It sounds funny, but I felt really bad after because I fell asleep so fast, I wasn’t grateful at all. But I don’t know what happened next. He must have been in hurry or something because I woke up with my clothes in my bag, naked, in front of his building door. Well, it wasn’t his building, I asked people about him, they didn’t know… I was robbed, but I really had a wonderful time. I will work and buy a new phone, and I will see what to do about rent. I just hope your boyfriend is not angry with me for ruining the night.

OK, I have to go now to see a doctor. Since that night I have some cuts and bruises all over my body, and some bleeding, but I am sure I am fine. I must have tripped or something when I was alone. Thank the guys for taking care of me, who knows what would have happened to me, right?


By Dajana Debic


Twitter: dbewitched