Her pretty face.

When everything was fucked, and I was ready to give up. 
I was sick of this dump. I was ready to jump. I saw your pretty face. 
I was at my worst, just went through a divorce. Couldn't keep my life on course, living without remorse. You gave me a reason to stick around this place. 
I was at my very bottom, lying on the ground rotting. Memories were haunting, everything important I forgotten. You picked me up and didn't let me go to waste. 
I was sick of my job, I was sick of my life, I was sick of the mob, I was sick of my ex-wife. That's when you showed up and gave me a taste. 
I was low as I could get, my life was shit, everything was f*** it, I just wanted to forget. Then you appeared and enlightened me with your grace. 
You helped me put it all back together piece-by-piece, you gave me another lease. You gave me a reason, to stick around and keep breathing. You became my home base. 
You became my best friend. You showed me how to smile again. You are my light when everything was dim. You brought me out of my life of sin. 
You silenced the rage, put the Beast back in his cage. Restored my faith, and showed me the way. 
you led me out of the maze, you put me back in my place, reminding me how to embrace, and became the reason for me to wake up throughout the rest of my days.

By James Holton