Bear-in Garden

The grievances I bear
Roar in their magical cages
The powers with which I’ve imbued the locks
Cannot be undone by mages

Sages have attempted for ages
To release me from these pages
But the script remains intact
This actor just an artifact

Fact or fiction?
I feel the friction
My wrists yanking on the cuffs
But have I had enough?

Hands of fire
I desire
Liar I am not
This actor plays true the plot

But the plot begins to swell
As I close the gates of hell
Too much heat was escaping my mind
And I demand it hotter!

With the closing of the gate
Those chained around me suffocate
But I’m still freezing
This lukewarm heat ain’t appeasing

My desire to burn it all
Midas’ touch after the fall
End it now or should I stall

Here comes a fresh meal on my plate

I have never tasted such an exquisite flesh before
It satiates all desire arising from my core

With each successive bite
Images flood my being
From the moment time began
What are these visions I am seeing?

Now I remember
I remember it all
I dismembered the King
But I couldn’t devour his Call

For his seed he implanted inside of me

Dead or not he owns this plot
His Fertile landscape, I DICTATE NOT!
And as his son what could be done
This garden I bear just ain’t no fun.

By Agni James