A Painful Tale

I wept and wept,
and so I finally slept.
I woke up wet,
with mucus all over my shirt.

My head aches,
it burn as if on stakes.
I felt a sharp pain,
breakfast, I could not take.

All I did was lie down,
with a sober face, I frown.
Like a puppy that got drown,
and like a king that lost his crown.

My mind quickly took flight,
to what happened the previous night.;
As I stood together with bright,
as he was trying to prevent me from a fight.

I caught my guy doing it,
with a party slot.
immediately my heart hurt!

I engaged,
to strip them naked.
But I failed,
bright came to their aid.

I went home straight,
the tears couldn't even wait.
Why? I just couldn't relate,
the rest is now a tale.


By Olaniyi Olajide

Website: http://www.poetreehub.wordpress.com

Twitter: Newskulicon