Sestina of Death

We fear death
And loathe pain.
Why is it that we
only seem to see
the beauty
in life and living?

It IS true that by living
we get to meet death
in all its beauty
promises of no pain;
no more suffering to see
for all who embrace it. Yet we
live in fear of destiny when we
should be fearful of living,
for it is through living eyes we see
the struggle of life before death.
See that every breath means pain
and that life is no beauty.

Life is a witch; far from a beauty
queen. One of the ugliest things we
must witness. For the pain
that one experiences while living
will make any being beg for death
and the opportunity to see
different from what we seem to see.
A chance to behold the beauty
and tranquility of death.
To get the peace that we
deserve. And escape from living
in never-ending pain.

Blood, tears, and pain
are all we seem to see.
The curse of the living
who find beauty
in life when really we
should see
the dignity in death.


By Veronica Q