A Fly on the Wall

Frozen in time a little black dot hovers over me. It’s watching me still. It sees every movement I make and hears every word I say. It was dead before I got here and will probably still be here when I leave. Unchanging and fixed. Will it ever rot away? Nailed to the ceiling it stays and down below it I wait. I’m hoping that it’ll stop spying on me. It’s looming over me, hauntingly. It’s a reflection of one of my many fears. Probably the greatest one of all. Aren’t we all afraid of it? Wondering to myself what will happen next. Will I go anywhere or will it all just go dark? It brings me dread and agony. It’s a reminder of what’s to come. It reminds me that I’m just the grim reaper’s prey and that I could be next.


By Lorenzo Bani