Fuck My Way, Yours Is Wrong

I love to get fucked

Sex is about the experience

Don’t put more meaning on it than there needs to be

Enjoy the moment and take the risks

Hold my wrists over my head with one hand

Throat tight with the other

Flip me over when you feel it’s right

Don’t wait for permission or instructions

Roll the fucking dice, dominate me

Hit me, don’t ask if I’m serious

Stick your fucking tongue down my throat!

Use your tongue EVERYWHERE!

Want oral? Give oral.

I’m not greedy, I’m the example.

Don’t ask if you can put it in my ass!

Don’t even bring up anal

I’ll put it there if I want it there!

Sperm sucks! No you can’t shoot your load

In my hair, on my face, on my tits,

What’s that even about?

After you come, please, shut the fuck up!

I leave first.


By Amber Black