Tough Love


It’s the subtle things I see that make me question your character

Should we be straight up now or should we simply wait ‘til after

Hearts are broken, hateful words are spoken, spitting jokes and throwing jabs devoid of laughter

Now I won’t say I’m not a sinner but I don’t repent for envy

To live in lust for worthless stuff is to always come up empty

So if you’re comprehending I suggest you don’t offend me

My bark, my bite, my spite are savage far from friendly

I don’t do well with condescending

When I love its trust that I’m lending, personal laws and built up walls that I’m bending to let you in on a whim praying it doesn’t lead to a painful ending

My word is my bond, made strong from enduring plenty of wrongs for too long from suitors I was fond of

So I’ll be damned to let a man throw up his hands to demand a piece of me, or reprimand for me for indecency

I used to hold on until the love was gone which meant war was inevitable

Forced to make choices that were vicious, vile, and regrettable

But it was all for the good because the lessons I learned were incredible

Made a promise to God engrain it in my brainmake the pain unforgettable.