Don't waste your time on time wasters... authenticity exists out there you just have to be real enough to find it...


I’m thinking I should cut you off
I don’t think the best of you
You couldn’t tell the truth
If you were locked in a confessional
Your basicness is boring
Personality of a vegetable
Come pick up your packed bags
They’re waiting in the vestibule
I thought you had potential
My hypothesis was testable
The result a failed experiment
A product uninvestable
Thought we could make it work
Tossed my hope in the receptacle
Trust diminished by your lies
Your morality is questionable
No appetite for knowledge
Only a taste for the sexual
Your simplicity is sickening
Your bullshit indigestible
At first you really had me
Perception of you incredible
Until doubt proved me right
Time spent with you regrettable