Love Wishes


My attempt at writing a poem 'sestina' style. Definitely isn't an easy task to use the same 6 words over 6 stanzas. I included letters next to the repeated words within the body of the poem for those of you unfamiliar with the form. Enjoy!


What is it to love without angst? (A)

I imagine a sensation most sweet (B)

Of caramel coated delicious kisses (C)

And pleasure that numbs all pain (D)

Of promises that do not break (E)

And warm gentle dreams (F)


It seems like it is only in such dreams (F)

That this kind of love exists, for angst (A)

Is at the heart of all connections that break (E)

And all I’ve ever known are the bitter sweet (B)

Feelings of heartache and endless pain (D)

And emptiness behind wet kisses (C)


I’ve hoped for the electricity of kisses (C)

Only felt in my deepest of dreams (F)

A place where the pain (D)

Is escaped and replaced by angst (A)

In the real world my sorrow is sweet (B)

I pray to my lord for a break (E)


I pray that each day when dawn is to break (E)

I am awakened by the sun’s kisses (C)

And the wind’s whispers of sweet (B)

Nothings to stir me from my dreams (F)

Shooing away my pesky angst (A)

And sending off my pain (D)


There is nothing like the pain (D)

Of disdain to cause a soul to break (E)

To rob me of my joy and fill me with angst (A)

The remedy should be my lover’s kisses (C)

But alas, he is trapped in my dreams (F)

I sleep to see my sweet (B)


I envision that there is such a sweet (B)

Energy to sooth me of my pain (D)

Not merely a product of dreams (F)

To give heartbreak a break (E)

And a chance at tender kisses (C)

To tranquilize the angst (A)


My savior so sweet, grant me the break (B, E)

Replace my pain with delicate kisses (D, C)

Make reality of dreams to rid me of my angst (F, A)