Dear Izzy


Thinking of my little cousin who is only 10 years old and going in for major surgery tomorrow. She's having a rough time with it emotionally so I wrote this for her in the hopes that it cheers her up a bit. May God be with her through this process and calm her worried heart. 


Prayers up for you my princess I know that you are scared

Just know that when you need us we will always be right there

The journey won’t be easy but at the end there’s much to gain

I promise God will guide you through to relieve you of your pain

I know you don’t want to be different or stand out from the crowd

But baby girl you are a unicorn soaring high above the clouds

Your light shines bright within you it’s something you can’t hide

Your awesomeness is clear to see, your beauty undenied

Your silliness is contagious your laugh is one of a kind

Sassy yet keeps it classy, you have such a marvelous mind

Most importantly you are strong and smart, and you mean the world to me

You can do it we’ll help you through it to be the best that you can be!