Best When Broken


People will tear you apart and use the dismembered pieces to build themselves up. Self love is the strongest armor. -VQ


Tainted lips spewing filthy lies stain my flesh
Dirty hands command my jaded thighs to stretch
open, my refusals unspoken I’m choked by regret
Breathless and speechless you harness my weakness
Injecting pain I can’t reject, I force my body to forget
My tears are your trophies, my heartache your token
You’re only at your best when I’m broken

Delusions of grandeur smeared on your face
Illusions of love lost in a lustful embrace
Promises forsaken attraction mistaken for grace
Cut me with your words, rip into me with rage
Leaving scars that do not heal, spilled blood upon this page
Killing me softly your poison is potent
You’re only at your best when I’m broken