The Dying Art of "Discussion"


How can it be possible for a person to be so willing to argue their perspective and impose their reasoning on others but be completely unreceptive to Feedback and counter information?

If you’ve never gathered information because you listen to no one while waiting your turn to speak, what are you speaking? There has been no information collected. At that point we can assume your perspective isn’t yours but something you read from a book, magazine or the internet.

Which part of an opinion you read and repeated is yours? Which part did you originate? Or do you sit around repeating other people’s views on things?

What original input do you have? And if none, why not listen to someone else’s to add to your informational bank?

You don’t have to believe the thing to understand why someone else does.

Isn’t knowing why the villain believes they are the hero the only way to defeat the villain? Know your enemy and know thyself, but there is no self and the villain is ignored so no information processing takes place ever… There is just repeating and reciting. Is that a good basis for an argument?

I don’t know, I rely on reason. I find it strange someone would argue something they’ve given no thought to. It’s strange. And why their emotions on it are more of a solid fact from their eyes than the objective logic behind it is weird and probably wrong.

I live in a strange world.