Talk More Shit Than A Bathroom


One of a kind the unique print I leave behind
Capable of impossible shit.
Toilets from the future ordered to handle it
The best stand alone somewhere in their heads no one else knows
Where the only threat is the host and their most intimate regrets that they wish to hide yet can’t seem but expose when they feel at home in their minds hard at work
I’m somewhere there in that place where it’s difficult to care or give a shit what the people out here think
It’s clear I’m a strange guy, obsessed with death
Wear black hats with cat faces and a leather jackets with the words “come at me” on the back
Weird, a little morally grey I seem to be okay with almost anything
But who knows what I want you to think if not me, the prick you can figure out?
Stick around, you’ll see
I want you to wonder who I am and come up with no answers and get sick and spaz
For I stand without one
It’s what I want
To be a question mark harder to pick apart and asses the individual parts and imitate than it is to start from scratch
Have them scratching their heads wondering “Who the fuck is this kid killing it like a villain spitting shit he don’t seem to be regretting? Don’t write like no rapper I’ve heard, but his lines are so dope that I’m high off his words.”
Bitch, I don’t rap, not yet, I’m too good for that, but when I am it’ll be because I’ve written too much crap
The crowds start to get violent at the lonely writer ‘cause they want to hear and see him more than whoever the fuck this line is for
Don’t cry no more. That hater who’s sitting somewhere reading this saying shit like “He’s faking. He ain’t great while he’s ripping tears in space through the atmosphere leaving vacancies where the air used to be. Even if now I can’t breathe, I’ll die knowing this Jack guy lived a fantasy that I refused to see until this last of days.”
Stop showboating, the reflection doesn’t believe your stories, they believe me, I’m not sorry.
A pathological liar the truer you can’t deny constantly writes fire shit
And although that makes you pissed, I don’t care. Save your breath, I’ll still be here not giving a shit.
Lying to your face so you can come and read it giving me clicks, then beat it, you are my bitch. A booty call at best
You’ll say my name telling all your “friends” how much you hate me
Sending them links just to “check see” for themselves unavoidably landing right where you are
I’m out here chilling with tabs on my tongue about to go on a Lord of The Rings length adventure, fun
Villain? I’m spilling the guts of the heroes in rainbow splatters like reindeer piñatas facing headlights por la early manana
And there is no point to what I’m saying
Stop trying to add meaning where it isn’t
You can’t see me, shut up, listen
If you want to be me you can keep wishing
I'm no genie and you don’t have permission
Remember, we established earlier that you were my bitch, you are here to fulfill my wishes
Scratch my itch