Stupid Americans


And angry Jack rants in this poem about his ongoing frustrations with Americans.


I know we all see the crazy
Pretend we don’t
We just sit and hope the whole show stops cold
And goes lost
What cost before we hop in?
What loss before we give in
Forced to behave like the villain
To win and stop blood from pilling?
It won’t change the strange atmosphere this deranged insane clown premiered
This ain’t no tame game
And we have to play to steer clear
And get the fuck out here
Veer for fear can’t be what drives
We have to strive to stay alive
As time goes by old ways die
Those that don’t let go fade
Though they try to hold on and not buy the new way
The fleeting puts the rage on display
Staged plays not to claim regret
For one cannot be wrong if the song goes on
No end yet
Man, this track looks long
This train won’t stop
Coal hot rocking cockpit
Derail sooner than admitting to fail
The pride ship set sail
What does it entail?
We either take the wheel
Or see what the other end of the trail seems to be
But it seems to me we might not want to see
An oddity this odyssey
We ought to spree, honestly
It’s broken while choking
No one sees since we’re buzzed from toking
This whole thing is nothing
It’s pointless
We get pissed just to get pissed
Not to learn shit
Scream louder
Act prouder
Don’t go vote because “It don’t matter”
Bitch for four years and get back at it
It’s mad, havoc
And I’ve had it
Man, I’m outtie
Shit’s not for me
Got a No-Fucks season pass
So kiss my ass
Deal with your broken country yourself
Leave me out