Structural Integrity at Zero

With logic tossed out the window and reasoning a thing of the past, the outrage culture takes center stage in our media run society. This is a short ranty poem on the subject.


Guilty conscious ringing off alarms in the darkness. It’s haunting
Daunting the shifty nonsense. Swinging pendulums lost in the crossroads
Demon deals hidden by the cornfields. The chase of success is too real
Flaunting the wrong things ‘till the swan sings
It’s been too long since cashing that check from reality. It’s caustic
A cost that won’t stick. Caused by old tricks. Stone moss that grows thick
Structural failure, neglect, the behavior
Rejected by the savior, reasoning. Calculating to slave work
Seasoning the flavor of loss. The hard work is all gone
Handouts, begging for shout outs
Anti-social connectivity responsible for over-sensitivity.
And they’re named ‘so cold’ for the sonic activity, the audit
Sensibility is over. Shot it. Don’t want it
Outrage is the new craze on display, online stage
Phased by no doubt. Bands of the mindless man
Raised hands and rubber sand rubbed inland
Melting thoughts cap and rot about whats hot
Itching and caught with stitches, snitching in the name of riches
Bastard sons of bitches, whores galore, tall walls but no doors
Huff and puff, rough the grind so fine, add water and make slime
Grow snakes, grow grass, fingers crossed, hope last